Client's comments

Client A"I would like to thank you for making my life a lot easier to live. During our sessions I have been able to confide in you, to trust you, to share, to cry in front of you and just be myself. You always put me at ease and always offered comfort and advice, when needed. I have never opened up to anyone before, like I was able to with you. You have helped me lift the burden I have lived with for so many years, realising that all the blame was not mine alone. The way you showed me how to cope with the blame I felt as each one was different and the chair scenarios were amazing to me. Thank you also for sharing parts of your life with me, this helped because I felt I was not the only person with problems. I don't know the words to say to thank you for the difference you have made to my life, my future.
Thank you once again for all your help."
Client B"Lawrence has quite simply saved me from myself. I strongly believe without his help I would be in very dire straights and was even contemplating stupid thoughts like suicide."
Client C"Honestly the counselling has naturally restored my confidence to face my challenges in life with positive mind and focusing ahead with much hope and purposeful in life."
Client D"Lawrence really helped me with his calm manner. He was understanding and helped me to discover myself again. Thank you Lawrence."
Client E"I thought it was great and has helped me immensely."
Client F"Lawrence was excellent, a really wonderful counsellor."
Client G"I would like to say that the counsellor agreed to schedule my appointment within a short time and it was very urgent. I can say counselling helped me to have my life back and into being a strong person who can take challenges as they come.
Client H"I can say the professionalism, friendliness, approach by the counsellor made the whole experience a fantastic one. All the encouragement I got made me even a better person.
Client I"Actually it was indeed better than expected. I never had any formal experience in receiving counselling before and expected it to be quite difficult. It surprisingly wasn't, knowing me, and how private a person I am, I thought it would have been extremely difficult to expose private thoughts and feelings to a total stranger. I was totally amazed at how easily I trusted the counsellor, trusted the process, and trusted myself. I really didn't expect it to work as well as it did.
Client J"My experience was particularly unique, in that my counsellor was of a different race, ethnicity, culture and background than I was, yet I was able to easily relax and relate to him without feelings of fear or shame for what I had to disclose about myself and my situation.
Client K"I find it hard to open up but within a few sessions I was more relaxed that's when I started benefiting from the counselling.
Client L"Having a private and confidential conduct made me fell comfortable of saying what I want to say without fear, because it is professional way, because some of the things I can't just say them to anyone.
Client M"I was made to look at myself and use past experiences to help myself. I was not given the answers, which is what I thought would happen at the beginning (A very good experience).
Client N"Lawrence was great ("my words") :-)
Client O"Much more experimental than I expected. I was challenged more than expected & encouraged to think about me & my response to my partner & our situation.
Client P"The balance was right for me. I was able to talk about my experiences & situation in a safe environment. I was not judged & as a result I trusted the setting & shared all that I needed to. I was encouraged to explore my feelings & my needs.
Client Q"Life affirming experience for me. It has made me look at myself in terms of me - my needs, my faith, my sexuality, my experience of HIV, my relationship, my view of sex & my outlook on life. 12 sessions have really changed me & I feel much more equipped to manage my relationship & honestly address how HIV affects us. Lawrence thank you for your support, patience & listening ear!! I've very much appreciated the journey.
Client R"It made me stronger, more positive, able to look at situations more rationally. Gave me back my self esteem. Kind caring and humorous.
Client S"It helped put things into perspective it helped me to value life and living and to look after myself.
Client T"Lawrence is the most effective listener I have ever experienced, this root enabled him to get me to work on some deep issues that were blocking my life. I can now work on them with some self honesty whist being kind to myself. Lawrence achieved this by phone conference for much of the work. Not something anyone can achieve, my deepest gratitude Lawrence.